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court watchers in washington are guessing there will not be a major earth shattering ruling in either of these two same-sex marriage cases including the prop 8 case by the supreme court because public opinion is changing so fast. as the supreme court takes up same-sex marriage, there is a stunning swing in its acceptance. today 58% to 49% in favor. president obama changed his mind. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> reporter: hillary clinton agreed last week. mitt romney's stand against gay marriage surely hurt him in november. >> white evangelicals form a strong part of the republican base and are overwhelmingly
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opposed but others supports free freedom to marry. >> marriage laws are designed to attach mothers and fathers to each other and to the children that they may create and raise in the best environment. >> reporter: despite the snow, people are camped at the supreme court to get inside for tomorrow's argument. >> i have a lot of gay friends. i don't think they should be denied the right to marry the person they love. >> chief justice roberts set aside a seat for his cousin, a lesbian, who wants theo justice to declare the ban unconstitutional. chris and sandy raised four boys and want to marry. >> we love each other and we want to marry. we want to experience societal acceptance. >> reporter: their case to be heard as most in america do accept same-sex marriage. torment prop 8 arguments. on wednesday it's arguments
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about the federal defense of marriage act that denies federal benefits including tax benefits to same-sex couples who are married in states that allow that. let's go live to cheryl hurd in san francisco for tonight's same-sex marriage rally. cheryl? >> reporter: steve, the fight for gay marriage is being heard all over the bay area. as you can see they are preparing for a marsh that starts in the castro and will make its way to san francisco city hall. chris worthington is holding one of the rainbow flags that will fly at city hall on tuesday and wednesday as the supreme court hears oral arguments on prop 8 and defense of marriage act. >> i don't think the purpose of flying the flag in oakland, berkeley or san leandro is to try to change the supreme court's mind. it's to give encouragement and
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support to people that believe in marriage equality. >> reporter: it makes sense for support to come from the city of berkeley. two of the plaintiffs in the case to overturn prop 8 are berkeley residents. >> i think the more people talk about it, and the more they know somebody who is openly gay or lesbian, the more that it sort of stops being an idea. >> reporter: across the bay, san francisco has long been considered the epicenter of gay marriage. we want equality in prop 8 signs are posted in the castro to publicize tonight's march from market and castro to city hall. >> what we wanted to do is support the president and say to the supreme court and america is listening and america is asking for equal rights. >> reporter: brian willingham and his husband were legally married in new york and now live in california. they are having immigration issues because their marriage is not recognized by the federal
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government or california. the supreme court ruling on both proposition 8 and federal defense of marriage act means everything to them. >> all we're asking for is the same rights. >> reporter: the defense of marriage organization continues to say that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. many of those supporters are in washington, d.c. tonight. we'll hear more from them coming up at 6:00. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we'll be updating our website tomorrow with the latest information on the supreme court argument and in a very rare move, the court is expected to release audio of the hearing after arguments have wrapped up. we'll post that on the family of a bay area marine killed at a military base in virginia is sharing their grief tonight. she was shot and killed thursday. military officials say that a
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25-year-old sergeant opened fire and another marine before he turned the gun on himself. her sister says the family is devastated by her loss. they say she was the shining star of the family. she joined the military to pay her way through college and was determined to be an independent woman. her sister says she has no idea what was behind the shooting and that now she just wants to focus on the joy that her sister brought to her family. >> i just want to know that she didn't suffer. she's in peace. she's with god now. she's an angel for us. that's all i want to know. >> the shooter has been identified as a sergeant from pacifica. military officials are trying to determine with a caused him to take aim at his fellow marines. east bay special forces soldier died from wounds he received in afghanistan. 31-year-old james grisom from hayward died two days after
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being wounded. he was part of a special forces unit based in ft. louis washington. he graduated from hayward. john kerry met with afghani president hamid karzai during a visit to afghanistan today. kerry's visit was meant to coincide with the hand over of the last u.s. controlled prison to the afghan government. it's the only prison in afghanistan still under u.s. control. after lengthy negotiations, officials reached an agreement to transfer control of the prison. the deal includes assurances that dangerous prisoners will not be released. we're hearing a different side of the sex abuse scandal involving former penn state football coach jerry sandusky, his own. the "today" show spoke to an independent filmmaker who interviewed sandusky in jail. during the taped interview, sandusky commented on the testimony of mikecqueary, one
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of the prosecution's key witnesses. >> i think there's a lot of things that transpired. i think these investigators, the way they went about business, his story changed a lot. >> this has been a rush to judgment from the very beginning and i know that i'm going to get attacked from everybody because nobody wants the truth. >> filmmaker john zeigler is trying to prove that head coach joe paterno had no part in the scandal and should not have been forced out of the school in disgrace. still ahead at 5:00, cleared of murder but may not be off the hook. why a new case could be in the future for amanda knox. pushing it too far too fast. what you need to know about hidden dangers of starting a new workout routine. >> will it be a home run for wine lovers? changes coming to at&t park that should have some fans smiling. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. quite a bit cooler today. we're tracking showers on the
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radar. we'll let you know when our best chances of rainfall returning in that forecast will be this week coming up in just a few minutes.
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california's roads are so full of potholes, this is costing drivers $14 billion a year to fix damage done to their cars. that works out to $586 per driver. the american society of civil engineers tells "the l.a. times" nearly 70% of california's roads are in poor or mediocre shape. washington and oregon numbers are almost as bad. about 65% of their roads need work. devil slide tuns are hounel hours from opening. $439 million project represents the first highway tunnel built in california in half a century.
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they replace a treacherous stretch of highway 1 between pacifica and half moon bay that has washed out many times in heavy rain. >> this is a road that's safer and reliable and when you get up in the morning it is there. >> there is last-minute work still to be done. the tunnels are expected to open late tonight or maybe early tomorrow morning. are you ready? the golden gate bridge is set to go cashless in just two days. a new all electronic tolling system will go into effect early wednesday morning. today bridge workers are making some last-minute changes to make sure drivers are as prepared as possible. crews used a crane to hoist a new 27-foot sign on top of the toll plaza that will read do not stop. automatic tolling. during the first few days of the switch, bridge district employees will stand near toll booths to wave traffic through. the new transit center in san francisco will turn out to look different than expected.
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the glass originally spl lly plr the exterior would have cost more. projects officials are considering using a metal which would act and look similar to the glass panels. the project's board of directors still needs to approve those changes though. in health matters, when it comes to working out, no pain no gain is a common motto for weekend warriors. when it is more than a stiff muscle, it may be time to stuff running. continuing pain may indicate a stress fracture. the injury is common for those pushing the pace of training and occur in knees, shins and feet. >> bones will respond to stress if given an opportunity to do that. if you exceed that, they fail. >> bones fail when they are pushed too hard too fast. experts say slow buildup and rest days are important especially if you are training for a race or starting a new workout plan. wait a little longer before feeding your baby solid foods is the bottom line after a new
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report from the cdc found that many moms are giving their babies infant cereal before they are 4 months old. experts believe babies shouldn't have any solid food until they are 4 to 6 months old. many moms surveyed seemed babies seemed hungry so thought extra food with help them sleep longer at night. starting to early can increase the risk for chronic disease. a miserable monday in much of the eastern u.s. as a snowstorm continued to sweep toward the atlantic. the ice and snow made just getting to work or school an ordeal. for some ducks in ohio, migrating was complicated. snowy continues could continue through the first half of april. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. we can't complain about the gloomy weather then. >> i was going to complain but we got it good. a storm system passing to the
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north producing showers in extreme northern california but we do look to stay dry from this current system. only a couple hundred miles separates us from some of this heavier rainfall off to the north. the big sister story is onshor. winds strong at the coastline gusting into the 20s back to concord and also oakland where we see those winds anywhere 10 to 20 dropping temperatures in the north bay. five to ten degrees cooler in santa rosa. also napa and back to livermore and fairfield anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler. current numbers running in the 50s outside right now. let's get you to that live hd sky camera network. you can see the cloud cover in san jose. the sun is trying to come on out. you do get breaks of sunshine in the south bay. take you off to the north, another beautiful sky shot in palo alto with a wide mix of clouds here. clouds about 10,000 feet this afternoon. a lot of you able to see good there with unlimited visibility. look straight up and you had
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that cloud cover. san francisco beautiful. even blue sky mixed in as well. let's get you into the current weather pattern. we'll see drastic changes that will eventually here start to lower that pollen forecast. that's the good news. even a little bit of drizzle in this onshore flow will help us quite a bit this week. we have cold front sitting offshore. that's going to continue to move in tonight. no big-time rainfall with this. the most marked change we do expect as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday is the jet stream. it's going to push to the south and we'll have zonal flow. no one system this week looks overly strong. showers passing to the north that eventually get activity. we're also going to stay cooler. 50s and 60s at the coast line and also mainly 60s back for the interior valleys and as you can see there for tomorrow we'll start off with the fog and also some drizzle at the immediate coastline. everyone is going to be cloudy here. north bay, east bay, south bay, but look at this.
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by the afternoon hours on tuesday you will get filtered sunshine back for the interior valleys, the tri-valley down into the silicon valley but if you are at the coastline, do expect the cloud cover to hang on with best chance of drizzle off and on throughout the day at the immediate coastline. temperatures starting off in mid 40s tomorrow morning. 47 in fremont. daytime highs on tuesday will be topping out right about where they were this time today. 67 in morgan hill. 65 in san jose. 62 in santa cruz. 65 in sunnyvale and cooler back here across the east bay. we'll go with 61 in castro valley. 50s back by the bay. 65 in livermore. the north bay, also san francisco we'll go with 50s here. go inland and we'll have 63 in santa rosa. 62 in fairfield. 61 in berkeley. on your three-day forecast, here we go. we're going to see that fog for
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tomorrow morning. then we'll see a slight chance of a shower on wednesday and nothing big. best possibility of a shower will be in the north bay and as we head throughout thursday, 40% chance of showers for everyone. you can see what i mean by the nuisance of showers in the forecast. as we head throughout friday we'll see a chance of showers and saturday and even on easter sunday. so no particular day there looks to have heavy rainfall but anywhere from wednesday through sunday you want to have that umbrella handy in the back seat so you can't blame me if you happen to get wet. >> you are messing up good easter egg hunts. >> i always take the blame. sorry about that. >> all right. watching and waiting, coming up. a high profile court verdict be overturned? the big decision for amanda knox that's coming up. plus, how a missing service dog was reunited with his owner after being stolen. and not just orange and black anymore. baseball fans will talk red and white this season at at&t park.
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we'll tell you why.
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italy's highest court will announce whether american student amanda knox should be retried for the murder of her roommate in 2007. the couple was acquitted after court found the evidence in the case had been contaminated.
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an identivory coast man has bee convicted but they say he didn't act alone. the arguments ran long so no decision was made today. archie the missing service dog is missing no more. police received an unanimous tip with an address where the dog had been seen. police went to the location. found the dog and checked his microchip. that's the key. the owner says she was recovered within six hours of getting the tip. the last five days were extremely difficult on her. >> he's my service animal. he's everything. he goes everywhere with me. it was just completely devastating and a living nightmare. >> there's the good news. nightmare no more. archie was reunited with his owner this afternoon. b.a.r.t. police are investigating that one. >> nice to see them back together again. trading in suds for a sipping cup. that cold beer you've been drinking for beers at the ballpark could be replaced with a sophisticated glass of wine.
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>> the zip cups feature a single serving wine cup that will be available at six major league ball parks across the country including san francisco's at&t. both red and white will be offered. it will cost between $9 and $11 depending on the ballpark. >> we'll be right back.
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doctors are putting the brakes on mr. road show for now. gary richards explains how his doctor told him he couldn't drive a car for six to eight months. why? richards was diagnosed with a disease that can cause bones in
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the feet to deteriorate. richards was given a special boot and a walker and told not to walk for six to eight months. the 61 year old has been covering bay area roadways for 22 years. get well soon. >> we want him to get better. you need to get a driver. he can keep doing it. >> maybe they could spring for that. >> that will do it for us. "nightly news" is next. >> good night.
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on our broadcast tonight, endless winter. a massive storm moving across the country slamming a lot of spring break travellers.
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record snow in the midwest. tornados in the south. winter is doing great though it's supposed to be officially over. law of the land. is it about to change on a huge issue? the question of who can get married in this country, and the crowds are already building outside the supreme court. now hiring. tonight a look at where the jobs are for the huge number of people who are over 50 and can't find work and are creating a whole new job market of their own. soaring eagles. the team from the college so many folks hadn't heard of making a mess of so many sweet 16 brackets. they have been heard from now. 16 brackets. they have been heard from now. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. they call it spring break for a reason. millions of americans who are lucky enough to have one say
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nothing of the millions who are about to be on the move for easter weekend gatherings may find winter getting in the way of spring break. we are in the grips of a big winter storm in the spring of 2013. 600 flights cancelled today. 1,400 since just yesterday. new records for snowfall have been set. staggering amounts from colorado to st. louis. that's just the cold side of the storm. on the warm weather end of it, there's been violent weather including tornadoes. 20 separate states affected in all. we start off with weather channel meteorologist mike seidel live on the jersey shore -- the southern end -- for us. mike, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. we are on the tail end of this big spring storm that dumped heavy snowfall from denver across the plains and right here to the jersey coast. it also spawned two tornadoes and has many wondering tonight when does spring really begin. >> i'm just shocked that we wake up to this. >> r

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